Free stuff for bloggers

Who doesn’t want free stuff?

The free stuff for bloggers marketing brigade is hitting bizhack. Over the next week or so, I’m going to be getting Build the Life You Want and Still Have Time to Enjoy It by Jim Claitor and Colleen Contreras as well as The Blog Ahead: How Citizen-Generated Media is Tilting the Communications Landscape by Scott Hall.

It’s interesting to be in this position of getting “free stuff” to review … I feel like I’m back writing for Mac online newsmagazines and getting software and hardware goodies from companies who are hoping to get a good review.

All I can say is: I welcome the opportunity, but I’ll be as honest and real as if I had bought the book myself. Also, I’ll always disclose when I received it.

Hopefully, the people who are sending me these books have learned the Joel Spolsky lesson: don’t send crappy stuff to bloggers.

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