Free iPod even AFTER Mac purchase

On Wednesday this week I bought a iMac. On Thursday, Apple Canada finally started the promotion that Apple USA has been doing for a week or more: free iPod Nano with the purchase of a Mac.

Oh sh*t, I thought.

Apple never, never bends the rules to let you get a discount or advertised bennie after the fact. But, hoping against hope, I called Apple last night.

And yes, wonder of wonders, songs bursting amongst the heavens, joy to the masses, they let me do it.

So. My new 30 GB iPod video is coming soon (I chose to apply the $275 Nano credit to the bigger, dare I say better, model).

If you’ve just bought too
I do not know if this will work for you. The iMac I ordered had not yet shipped, and so the customer support guy I talked to – a really professional and pleasant individual, by the way – was able to stick it on the same order, the same invoice.

If your iMac/MacBook/PowerMac has already shipped, Apple may not allow you to do this. But if you’ve just ordered, it’s definitely worth a shot. Apple is doing this in more than just my case, because I specifically asked the sales rep about it, and he confirmed that they are allowing some customers who purchased very recently to participate.

Sales up
Sales seem to be trending very nicely up for Apple as a result of this program, too. The rep I talked to mistakenly called my iPod the 30 GB Nano – not because he’s ignorant or anything, but, as he explained, because he’s been talking about the Nano all day long, adding them to orders for people who are purchasing computers.

That should mean that the promotion is successful and that Apple is generating significant additional sales because of it.

. . .
. . .

FYI, I qualify for the promotion because I’m taking a Masters degree at UBC.

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