Flock rocks: first look at the new Flock browser

I am not a person who likes to try new core applications just for the heck of it. I seriously value aesthetics in all my core applications. And a web browser is, to me, a core application. Maybe about as core as you can get.

Which explains why I have never switched to Firefox.

But I’m trying Flock right now, and I have to say, I’m really really liking it. No really.

Trying it was a no-brainer, and painless too: Flock imported not only my bookmarks (very few) but also my cookies and saved passwords from Safari. Very cool.

This is not going to be an exhaustive review. In fact, it won’t be exhaustive at all – I’ve only started looking at the product. But, frankly, I’m excited about this new browser, and wanted to let people know.

Some of my first thoughts:

  1. The first look was good: typography seems much cleaner and better in Flock than in Firefox. So good first impressions.
  2. Flock has opened up my Flickr account to me in ways that I didn’t know were possible. It’s show me things I haven’t seen before in my friends’ and contacts’ accounts.
  3. I’m writing this in Flock – a very nice way to write and post articles on your blog. This article was my first Flock-written post; the one you’re reading right now is my second. That’s cool too.
  4. Posting links to my delicious account is MUCH easier than it was before, and much faster as well. Plus, I can search those far quicker with Flock than I can at del.icio.us itself!

I’m just starting to discover what Flock can do, but I’m very, very impressed.

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