Fastest growing ad networks 2021, biggest hidden gems, and CPI, CTR, CPM benchmarks

We’re literally in the craziest period of growth marketing on mobile that I can remember. Ad spend is flowing out of iOS thanks to Apple’s iOs 14.5 and App Tracking Transparency. Marketing is less measurable, so it’s moving to Android.

But that can’t happen forever.

From my post this morning on Singular’s blog:

A few things are obvious about the flight from paid user acquisition activity from iOS to Android:

  • iOS isn’t going away

  • Apple’s actually increasing market share in the U.S., according to TechSpot and Consumer Research Intelligence Partners

  • People haven’t stopped playing games on iPhones

  • People haven’t stopped downloading games on iPhone

  • The iOS segment of the mobile market is still by far the most lucrative

In my post I chat about the fastest-growing ad networks in this chaos, some of the benchmarks Singular’s new tools are seeing, and some of the biggest hidden gems.

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