Facebook: Officially makes you stupid

Alas and alack! What are we social media aficionados to do?

Apparently our passions are curbing our potential – heavy Facebook use translates into a grade level drop at the college level.

We knew that, though. After all, if you’re taking your attention away from your studies, or work, something is going to suffer.

Here’s the best part of the article:

If you use Facebook, you are probably driven by the inane status updates that spew out of your friends across your pages. The joy of a muffin, the pictures of a party where everyone got drunk and dressed up like a slutty leprechaun, and the obligatory question that hopes to solicit a comment because you want to make sure someone in your network is reading your pathetic attempts at making the minutiae of your existence seem interesting. It is the equivalent of Vogon poetry, odes to green putty found in one’s arm putty.

To understand the Vogon poetry bit, you’d have to read some Douglas Adams. But anyone can enjoy the “pathetic attempts at making the minutiae of your existence seem interesting.” Love it!

Perhaps it’s time for us to get a first life.