e-Commerce for the rest of us?

Do you remember vStores?

Perhaps 7 years ago that was something I tried out: hosted and completely outsourced eCommerce. I made a couple hundred dollars, and then the vStores thing went down the tubes. Last time I checked, they were still not able to get their act straight.

So it was more than a little interesting to me to get a ping from ReviewMe to review the new Pepperjam Store Builder.

This is exactly the type of thing that I’ve been looking for, off and on, for some years: a very simple way to create an online store. PepperJam sources the products, provides the technology, and handles the eCommerce. You just have to select your business focus, promote your site, and collect the cash.

Here’s the thing that particularly interests me: PepperJam allows you to host the store on your own domain … not just a virtual domain at pepperjam.com. That’s how vStores worked, and it was annoying to not be able to host your own store at your own domain.

I agreed to do the review for ReviewMe (I only review things that I’m interested in and think might be interesting to readers of Sparkplug9) and I’ve checked out the service, but haven’t been able to use it. I signed up, as I’d like to be able to actually use and implement it before reviewing, but there’s a 48-hour period in which they check potential users’ bona fides. I suppose that’s a good thing, and is going to help keep Pepperjam’s affiliates clean and above-board.

Here’s a view of their store builder:

I look forward to getting approved, in which case I’ll post more info about Pepperjam’s e-commerce solution.