DraftKing’s Jayne Peressini on ghost ads, measuring TV, multivariate testing, scaling a growth team, and much more

Jayne Peressini

Are ghost ads scary? Only if you’re afraid of incrementality measurement.

And, should the onus for ad fraud be on ad networks or on marketers? You might be surprised at the answer from a super-successful growth marketing leader, Jayne Peressini.

DraftKing’s senior director of growth marketing started with Glu Mobile in London, worked for Cisco, then Razorfish. She also ran ad operations for Machine Zone and was a director of revenue for Reddit. In other words, she knows growth marketing.

Jayne Peressini joins us for the fourth episode of Growth Masterminds, the podcast where we talk to mobile experts so that other mobile experts — you! — can get smarter by seeing and hearing their perspectives.

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