Digitally Transforming Oklahoma: One Website For Everything

Oklahoma digital transformation

I can count the number of times I have heard a government official talk about user experience on one finger. And that one time happened last week, while chatting with Oklahoma lieutenant governor Matt Pinnell.

Pinnell is the 17th lieutenant governor of Oklahoma. He’s also the very first Oklahoma Secretary of Tourism & Branding. (Does your state have a secretary of branding?)

The branding that he’s working on goes beyond updating Oklahoma’s “we’re OK” slogan. Most importantly, Pinnell is working on digitally transforming the government to the extent that virtually anything you need to do with the state, you can do digitally. The project started before Covid-19, but it’s perfect for Corona time. Now any Silicon Valley employee can work from anywhere in the country, and Pinnell wants them to find it easy to choose Oklahoma.

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