Developers: land projects with Porsche, TaskRabbit, or Flipside Crypto

This is my latest post for Braintrust

One of the core beliefs at Braintrust is that talent is everywhere but opportunity is not. And now that we’re seeing tremendous growth in the number (and value!) of roles posted on the Braintrust platform, we should probably update that to talent is everywhere and now, opportunity is too.

Or at least starting to be.

Because there are a huge number of opportunities from amazing companies on Braintrust, and we’re looking to bring top talent to great brands. If you saw our founder update this week, you’ll know that we’re now putting $1 million in freelancers’ hands every single month (and that number is growing!) and our average project size is $57,000.

Get the rest of the story in my post on my new client Braintrust’s blog …