Daddy Date: A Day at Science World

It’s a resolution of mine to do something special each of my three children individually ever so often.

And, since I had just taken Gabrielle to the Planetarium, I took my son Ethan to Science World on December 28th.

Science World in Vancouver, like most other iterations of science worlds around North America, is a place where kids can learn about science and be entertained. Which purpose is more important is, of course, being entertained. Still, there’s a lot to learn.

It was a great day, and I took a few pix …

Science World
The building itself is great, sort of a geodesic dome on a pier over the water of False Creek near downtown Vancouver. It’s a left-over from Expo 86.

Sunny day, sonny
If it’s a bright sunny day, and some dumbass dad is taking a picture of you, what’s a kid to do? In the background is a sculptural machine that does little but fascinate bystanders – particularly kids – and move lot of ball lots of places …

The best part of Science World are the water toys
Apparently there’s a lot to learn about hydrodynamics, flow, the effects of currents, the motive power of compressed gases (such as air), etc., but as far as the kids are concerned … it’s a indoor water park. And naturally, you must gather as many balls as you can possibly wrangle.