Cybersecurity: in tools we do (not) trust


Cybersecurity is in crisis right now. Attacks are up 50% in the past year, and the solution many organizations are reaching for is more and more and more cybersecurity tools.

This is a mistake.

From my recent post on my client Open Systems’ website:

We love tools. If there’s a job to do, there must be a tool to do, and we’re happy to buy it.

But is that a great approach to cybersecurity?

The research says no. In fact, a 2020 IBM study that surveyed almost 3,500 security professionals found that despite the average corporation owning more than 20 cybersecurity tools (and a third owning more than 50!), more tools actually equals worse security.


The problems include incorrect configuration, not enough security staff to monitor them, overlaps, multiple competing notifications that blind infosec personnel to real dangers, and the challenge of keeping 20 or 40 or 60 different tools working, updated, integrated, and functional.

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