Coronavirus and mobile app installs: accelerating change


It’s been two months since the novel coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, and we’re still coping with a lot of hardship and uncertainty. A third of the world is still under some form of stay-at-home.

Not surprisingly, this pandemic is changing how we spend our time and money as well as what we’re doing with our mobile phones. Game publishers in China saw record revenue during the worst parts of its lockdown. Retail mobile apps jumped 34% in March.

And organic app installs were way up globally in April.

We’re now past the initial stages of alarm and shutdown, which saw games and news jump the most in-app installs. Most of us are still at various levels of quarantine, but we’re starting to begin the process of defining a new normal and going through a challenging societal debate on when and how to re-open society and re-engage the economy.

So what’s still changing? What’s growing right now?

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