Conjuction photos

The moon, Venus, and Jupiter were in stunning conjunction tonight, so I grabbed the camera, tripod, and binoculars and drove fairly close to the top of the nearest mountain.

That was fairly easy, as I live on Glenn Mountain in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

The conjunction was beautiful but fleeting … it was near the horizon when the sun was setting, and there was really only maybe 30 minutes of good viewing between too bright and too close to the smoggy haze.

Here’s a couple of the shots I took:

venus, moon, & jupiter

and a little later in the evening …

venus, moon, & jupiter

(I guessed I could have straightened that one – it was tough getting the right angles with the tripod.)

In case you’re wondering, the moon is obvious, Venus is the bright dot, and Jupiter is the faint I’m-934-million-kilometres-away-from-you dot.