Clearbanc cofounder Michele Romanow: Offbeat growth tactics for uncertain times

Michele Romanow

Very happy to be moderating a discussion tomorrow with Clearbanc cofounder Michele Romanow. Clearbanc says it’s the biggest e-commerce investor on the planet, and Michele is President of the company. She’s also a serial entrepreneur and a dragon (investor) on CBC’s Dragon’s Den (the Canadian Shark Tank).

Title of the chat: Offbeat growth tactics for uncertain times.

These are definitely uncertain times. COVID would have been enough, with its massive health and economic consequences. Add George Floyd’s murder as a flashpoint to decades of simmering racial inequities, and we’ve got a perfect storm. In the middle of all this, we’ve got people trying to do their startups afloat in one of most challenging times ever.

Join us on Thursday, June 18 to learn all things growth and fundraising with Michele Romanow, recently named a Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.

We will be talking about:

  • Customer acquisition tactics
  • Keeping your customers happy
  • Business models
  • Raising money while preserving your equity
  • Hiring and team building
  • Product development
  • Growth (yes, even now)
  • And much more …

The webinar does require a sign up, but it is free to attend. Sign up right here.