Cavalcade, by Alison Sinclair

I finished reading Cavalcade, by Alison Sinclair this past week. Good book!

It’s science fiction – a novel take on first contact, which is hard to do, as it’s been done and done and done. But not quite to death, as this book proves.

As usual in the best of science fiction, the times and technologies are simply backdrops for experience and interaction. Two to three hundred thousand volunteers are taken into an immense egg-shaped ship, and only slowly do they come to realize that it is in fact, their ship, and they are, in fact, its new crew. That, and the conflict and cooperation they experience along the way, form the basis for the novel.

Well worth a read!

You can learn more about the book here. Ridiculously, it is out of print, so it’s going to be hard to find. Amazon has it, occasionally, in the shops that book merchants can set up with them.