Calacanis’ swan-song podcast

Been surfing the last hour or so listening to Jason Calacanis’ goodbye podcast – a little mix of reflection, sentiment, prognostication, consulting.

What a cool way to leave a job.

BTW, good advice to the poor founder of Gizbuzz, who sent a voice email to Jason kind of complaining about working hard blogging and not getting results. (Not like we’ve never heard that story before!)

Jason sorta gently tore a strip off him … the blog is not targeted enough, the entire business is not focused enough, and the “reblogging” thing is just not going to take you to the top. (However, he did like they guy’s youmakemedia blog … which does look like it has prospects to be very cool.)

The reality is that focus and targeting are important things for all of us to consider, myself included … perhaps, myself especially. Some thought-provoking things in that advice.


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