Buy $SMRT to sponsor TechFirst, access insight, and get quick consultations

Yes, I have a creator coin. No, I haven’t gone full crypto crazy.

And yes, you can use $SMRT, my creator coin, to buy useful things. (And you get to eat your cake and have it too … read on!) You can use $SMRT to:

  • Buy consult time
  • Sponsor TechFirst
  • Get your name in my book
  • Get input into who I interview next

And, holding at least 100 $SMRT gets you privileged access to insights and opportunities that others don’t.

Look, we both know that most cryptocurrencies work on the “greater fool” theory of investing: as long as you can find someone to take it off your hands at a good price, you’re OK. That person, however, is stuck with the asset … and needs to find another person to buy it. Crypto devotees can HODL all they want, but if no-one ever wants to buy Bitcoin or Doge … the price will crash. (Ethereum is a little different in my opinion: it has uses in building web3 applications and smart contracts which will increasingly give it intrinsic value.)

Creator coins allow you to participate in the “economy” of a creator. In my case, I write, speak, interview experts, shoot videos, publish podcasts, and more. In short, I learn stuff and I share stuff.

When you participate in $SMRT, that builds the economy that allows me to create. I don’t make money directly from $SMRT, but I can occasionally withdraw from it. If I do so too often or too much, that crashes the economy, and destroys my ability to get paid. Plus, it would break trust with those I serve.

So … I’ll be adding new ways you can participate.

All of them will offer a real value that you can use or enjoy. And all of them result in you keeping your $SMRT. Unlike USD or CAN or Euros, when you buy $SMRT you get benefits …  and you get to keep your $SMRT coin, which continues to provide benefits like access to my newsletter, access to $SMRT space, and the chance for regular weekly rewards of $RLY, the ERC-20 base currency on the Ethereum blockchain that $SMRT runs on.

A few examples:

There will be more soon. And … ping me your ideas. I’m happy to learn with you and from you.

How to buy $SMRT

Simply head on over to Then …

  • Create and/or log in to your account
  • Go the $SMRT coin page
  • Click the Buy $SMRT button
  • Choose debit or credit card, or cryptocurrency
  • Complete the transaction

$SMRT lives on the Rally subchain. It’s bonded to Rally, which is an ERC-20 token, and you can learn more about it here.