Boston Globe: How could you be that stupid?

I presume everyone’s heard about the Boston Globe story – they wrapped their clients’ newspapers in paper that had credit card numbers and information on them.

Credit and bank card numbers of as many as 240,000 subscribers of The Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram & Gazette were inadvertently distributed with bundles of T&G newspapers on Sunday, officials of the newspapers said yesterday.

The confidential information was on the back of paper used in wrapping newspaper bundles for distribution to carriers and retailers. As many as 9,000 bundles of the T&G, wrapped in paper containing subscribers’ names and their confidential information, were distributed Sunday to 2,000 retailers and 390 carriers in the Worcester area, said Alfred S. Larkin Jr., spokesman for the Globe.

I’m not saying I haven’t done a lot of dumb things in my time, and probably am due for more than my fair share in the future, but … how could you possibly be that dumb?