The Boonster

A couple of days ago David Boone came past our offices. Dave used to work in my department, and still handles all our domain purchases and management.

He’s followed a really interesting path. I hired him at 19 for a programmer’s job, which he did an amazingly good job at. Three years after that, he decided to change directions, and ever since he’s been working in a basically managerial role at a large grower … managing shipping, delivery, scheduling etc., all with the aid of some software he customized for it.

Typically, he’s still poking around with everything, creating his own home VOIP network with Asterisk, which includes a personal 1-800 number so he can call in with his cell (local call) and dial out long distance at 5 cents a minute or something ridiculous like that.

Not to mention his helicopter.

(Check the scale on that pic … is it a real or an RC chopper?)