Books I’ve read and don’t have time to fully review …

I like to maintains some kind of record of the books I’ve read … I’ve sort of been in that habit for the past few months.

I like to actually do a mini-review of them all, but this week I lack the time … In any case, here’s the list, with a brief comment on each (maybe!).

Pharaoh Fantasic
A compilation of fiction short stories set in ancient Egypt, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Brittianny A. Koren. Interesting! Good! Authors include Alan Dean Foster, and he doesn’t suck as much as he usually does lately.

Roma Eterna, by Robert Silverberg
Very good alternate history novel … what if Judaism, Christianity, and Islam never gained a foothold, and the Roman empire endured?

Brotherhood of the Bomb, by Gregg Herken
Moderately interesting story of the genesis of the atomic bomb and the personalities behind it. Too much politics and red-scare history for my liking, but an interesting insight in personages like Oppenheimer, Lawrence, and and Teller.

The Janson Directive, by Robert Ludlum
Fairly standard Ludlum fare … and yes, the guy gets the girl in the end.

Angles of Attack, by Peter Hunt
Subtitled “An A-6 Intruder Pilot’s War,” this is the story of an American pilot in the Gulf War (I). Interesting primarily from a military/pilot point of view: what kinds of training and tactics do they have. Fairy shallow book, but reasonably enjoyable.

Ringworld’s Children, by Larry Niven
If you have not read any Niven, you are missing out. Very intriging. Just as good as the rests of the ringworld novels.