Books for the past few weeks

I’ve had some really good books out from the library … been on a bit of a history kick lately …

Here’s a selection:

Shadow Divers, by Robert Kurson
Excellent book – wonderful story of 2 amateur deep-sea divers who through sheer persistence and amazing energy and effort wrote a new chapter in WWII history.

Walking Up and Down in the World, by Smoke Blanchard
Extremely interesting life story of a hiker, moutain climber, trucker, guide, naturalist, photographer, author, and much, much more. (See this post of mine on a different blog for an interesting quote from the book.)

Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century by Martin Gilbert
Jerusalem, city of peace, has always been a bloody city. This is a good but very narrowly focused history of Jerusalem’s last 100 years. Note: published in ’96 so a bit out of date.

Me Against My Brother by Scott Peterson
Seriously disturbing, but still something you can’t put down. Journalist Scott Peterson writes of something like 20 years in Africa, particularly during the Somalia crisis of Black Hawk Down fame, the ever-lasting civil war in the Sudan, and the genocide in Rwanda (of Hotel Rwanda fame). Required reading if you want to understand something about African wars and their insidious connections to African aid.

Agincourt by Juliet Barker
A detailed history of one of the most famous victories England has ever won. Fascinating, especially for it’s portrayal of the famous and remarkable King Henry V.