Big wall small art

One of the problems in our house is an enormous wall in our living room for which we have never yet found a suitable piece of art.

It’s about 20′ high, and perhaps 12′ wide … a standard-sized painting would look puny and insignificant, not to mention re-emphasizing the sheer size of the space.

The solution might be at Better Wall … a company that specializes in collecting enormous banners from art shows at galleries all over the world and re-selling them to me and you:

This year, give the gift of art! BetterWall is your exclusive source for authentic, limited-edition street banners from museums around the world. When you give someone a banner from BetterWall, you are giving them a unique, dramatic work of art. You are also giving back to the arts, as a percentage of the proceeds go back to support the museum. Show your good taste – and good will – by giving a unique banner from BetterWall. What could be better than that?

Very, cool – and there are some great pieces that you would not find at Wal-Mart or your friendly neighborhood art (read: poster) dealer.

I particularly like this this piece based on art by Modigliani.