Beautiful sewer covers (and more)

Beautify manhole covers and a couple of others things I noticed in and around the 2005 FETC conference in Orlando ….

On the second day of the conference, I took the bus in … saved $10 on parking, and actually got into the building about 50 minutes faster (parking was a disaster the first day). I noticed that Orlando is now selling its transit clients’ attention by playing ads on flat-panel TVs in its buses. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a rebate on my $1.25 fare.

It’s refreshing and somewhat comforting to see something like this:

In a place as urban-ugly and nature-beautiful as Orlando, some few are struggling against the bland-commercialized-utilitarian designers and putting a touch of artistry on such mundane things as sewer covers.

This guy really needs to clean up his desktop:

This is really super-cool technology that lets you create your own talk TV show or news program incredibly easily. It’s made by Serious Magic. Only problem? Not for Mac OS X. The guys at the booth say that when Apple supports DirectX, they’ll support Mac OS X.