Apple’s iOS 14.5 impact: Android ad spend, ATT opt-in rates, ad network growth, and iOS 14.5 adoption


There has literally not been as big a change in mobile for probably a decade. Apple recently released iOS 14.5 and essentially deprecated a device identifier that the entire industry used for measurement, tracking, metrics, marketing, and optimization.

(Yes, Apple didn’t delete it. But when asked if you’d like companies to track you … 75% of people say no.)

I’ve been sharing data on the “IDFA apocalypse” for my client Singular, which measures over $10B of annual ad spend for its clients, helping them optimize for growth.

From my latest post on the Singular blog …

Mobile ad spend is in a chaotic state right now.

Android is increasingly growing mobile app install ad spend over iOS as iOS 14.5 adoption hits mainstream. Meanwhile ATT adoption is slowly increasing as the late majority updates their phones and tablets, and ad networks that took the IDFA apocalypse seriously and prepared well in advance for the massive changes that iOS 14.5 and SKAdNetwork brought are growing market share significantly.

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