Apple’s ATT burned Facebook bad. Google’s Privacy Sandbox is a kiss in comparison

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Google just released Privacy Sandbox for Android, a comprehensive framework for both consumer privacy on smartphones and effective ad targeting, retargeting, and measurement for publishers and marketers.

I asked about 20 business leaders and marketers what they thought, and published the results in my column at Forbes.

From my post:

Facebook stock is down almost 45% from last year’s highs and most people are blaming Apple’s 2021 privacy moves on iPhone. This week Google announced massive and similar changes on Android, prompting another 6% drop this week and ousting Facebook (ok, Meta) from the world’s top 10 biggest companies by market cap.

But are Google’s privacy moves as dangerous to Facebook revenue as Apple’s?

In a word: no.

At a glance, it seems possible that they’d be much worse. After all, Android is the default mobile operating system for 85% of the planet. But the devil’s in the details. And … in the differences between Google and Apple.

There’s a lot more to say here, and I’m sure I’ll be saying it. But early reviews are pretty positive. And the reality is there’s a few features here it wouldn’t be surprising to see Apple take on as well.

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