Apple’s developer tools for Apple Vision Pro reveal how Apple is thinking about AR, VR, mixed reality

Apple Vision Pro

Apple just released developer tools for Apple Vision Pro, including a simulator so developers can test their new applications without having an Apple Vision Pro. (Which is good, because they won’t ship for another 6 months at least.)

But the big reveal is more detail into how Apple thinks about AR, VR, and spatial computing.

From my story at Forbes …

Apple thinks Vision Pro will be used in a mix of three different ways: windows, volumes, and spaces. Hearing this from Apple is important because one of the critiques of Apple’s unveiling of the product was that it showed no actually immersive or traditionally virtual reality content.

Windows are pretty much what you’d expect from any two-dimensional computing screen today, except that they can have depth, Apple says, can showcase 3D content, and they impact the real (and presumably the virtual) environment around them, for example by casting shadows.

Read the full story for all the details …