Why Apple needs sideloading on iPhones (and how that relates to China)

Look. Apple is complicit in Chinese censorship. There’s simply no other way to put it.

Thousands of apps have been deleted from the Chinese Apple App Store, including recently a Quran app and a Bible app. Plus hundreds of games, social apps, and more.

I get it: Apple has to do business in China. That’s just realistic … it’s massive, and it’s a huge part of the world economy. Apple does a ton of business there and almost all of its product is manufactured there. And it’s true: every company has to obey the laws of countries it does business in. That’s also just realistic.

But censorship — especially the kind China requires Apple to engage in — is against Apple’s values.

There is a way that Apple could satisfy its values and still do business in China. It’s called sideloading, and it would cost Apple some money.

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