Apple: please simplify the iPhone unlock screen (by killing it)

Apple is the epitome of simple, right?

Well yeah, but not always. And one example is right in your pocket: the well-known iPhone lock screen.

Do we really need it?
Seriously, how often does the home button get pushed in your pocket? I know the lock screen is intended to stop spurious input and the infamous pocket dialing, but has that every happened to you? Not me.

To me, the unlock screen is just a time-waster that puts 2-3 extra seconds between me and whatever tasks I’m trying to accomplish. I don’t like it, I don’t need it, and I don’t want it. I’d at least like an option to remove it.

Extra-bad with password
The lock screen is one thing, but when you pair that with a password-protected phone, it’s even worse.

I hate password-protecting my phone, and I would not do it personally, but there are corporate email accounts on it that require safety settings.

So, now I have to:

  1. Unlock my screen
  2. Enter my password

It’s pretty obvious that your password is a pretty effective unlock screen protector in and of itself. So, at a minimum, Apple should automatically disable the lock screen functionality if you have a password-protected phone. The password protection, when in place, is the lock screen.

Any functionality on the lock screen – alerts, etc. – can still be implemented on the password screen.

Simpler, faster, better
Anything that gets me faster to my apps, phone, email, or whatever, is better.