Apple Lawsuit Means No Headless iMac

I’m very afraid that the Apple lawsuit against Think Secret means that there will NOT be a low-cost headless iMac or eMac under the tardy Christmas tree at MacWorld San Francisco.

Why? Read on …

Apple is not stupid … although this continual suing of their most rabid supporters would seem to suggest otherwise. They know very well that suing Think Secret just makes the rumors look more real … as CNN says in the article linked to above:

The latest suit also lends credibility to recent rumors about a Macintosh computer without a display and an office productivity software suite that surfaced in the run-up to Apple’s annual trade show to held here next week, where CEO Steve Jobs typically unveils new products.

If the rumors were true, I would expect Apple legal to NOT sue … and just hope it would all blow over.

I really hope to be proved wrong when MWSF rolls around – I’ve said many times that the Macintosh platform needs a truly cheap machine – but I fear that this suit means the headless iMac is also lifeless.

The only way I can see Apple pursuing this lawsuit AND the rumors being true is if Apple truly believes that going after Think Secret will reduce the rumor mill in the future. Nice try – there will always be leaks around a company so closely followed by so many.

Accept it! Swallow it! It’s good for you … even if you don’t really like the taste.

In any case, whatever happens, this lawsuit nonsense has to stop … Apple needs to get get a clue and realize that you can’t buy marketing this good.

Another angle …
Carl Forde, who works with me, saw this article and passed along another idea that I thought was worth posting here:

John, apparently web and satelite broadcasts of the keynote have been cancelled.

Do you suppose Steve Jobs would cancel the announcements & delay the products out of spite? To make a point/set an example? He’s done similar before when a video card company (nVidia?) preannounced. As I recall their product was
replaced with a competitors. I wouldn’t be surprised if the products hang fire until the sources have been identified and if it was a vendor responsible, their products replaced if possible or serious concessions extracted…

Jobs’ thunder is his and he doesn’t like to share…

Very, very interesting …. Jobs is certainly capable of this kind of temper tantrum.