Apple Killed The IDFA. What Else Dies?

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Apple killed the IDFA. What else dies along with it?

The Identifier for Advertisers that Apple created for iOS devices is now crippled: opt-in only with a scary warning about companies tracking you across apps and websites. That’s turned the mobile marketing industry upside down and significant chunks of the $80 billion industry are now at risk.

“This is book of Revelation stuff,” mobile consultant Eric Seufert told me on the Techfirst podcast. “This is like a new era, new paradigm, rebuilding the entire tech stack that you have been operating with and hoping that you can sort of apply that to a similar looking strategy, right? This is a big deal. It’s like an earthquake, I mean, it’s a massive shakeup.”

And this shakeup will impact companies as large as Facebook and Google.

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