Announcing sparkplug9

After much pain, agony, gnashing of teeth, and assorted other afflictions, Teresa (my wife) and I have finally launched our corporation: sparkplug9.

(Don’t expect to see much there at that site – the old saw about the cobbler’s children having no shoes is in full effect!)

sparkplug9 is a corporation that we set up primarily to manage our consulting work. Not to be too grandiose about it: as of right now we have exactly one client, The Linguist.

In case you’re wondering about the derivation of the name, it is a combination of the fact that all the easy good names are gone, and that we see our services as just providing that extra little bit of oomph that startups and mature companies with strong V8s need to get over the hump.

Is that cheesy? Maybe a little. But it’s our cheese!