Analyzing 3 years of fintech mobile ad spend: what do fintech growth marketers know?


Fintech is an insane category right now. In the first quarter of this year, fintech startups raised $22.8 billion, 50% more than all of 2020. We’re using of cash 42% less since 2019, and with COVID, many of us don’t want to step into a physical bank.

So I analyzed three years of fintech ad spend to see what I could learn. There were interesting things to see in and around COVID, of course.

But the most interesting thing is that fintechs didn’t pivot away from iOS after Apple dropped iOS 14.5, like many other mobile-centric performance marketers.

From my post on Singular’s website:

The market as a whole moved because iOS 14.5 dropped in late April and the IDFA, the device identifier that the entire mobile marketing industry on iOS was built around, started to disappear. In response, many marketers moved acquisition and growth budgets to Android, where the GAID/AAID is still available.

Not fintech.

Fintech shifted somewhat to Android, but stayed overweight on iOS.

Get all the details and the full story in my post on Singular’s blog …