An embarrassment of (visual) riches

I’ve recently welcomed a very nice addition to my office – a 23″ Apple Cinema display.

john koetsier

All I can say is: wow. This screen is amazing … it has totally changed the way I work, the windows I keep open on my desktop, and how I use my computer in general.

A completely unexpected benefit is that my persistent neck pain – a relatively common complaint for those of us that stare fixedly at computer screens all day long – has all but disappeared. I think that the simple fact that the display is larger, and I need to move my head around to see everything on it, added to the fact that it’s closer to my eyes than my PowerBook display and better positioned (despite my iCurve) make each day that much more pain-free and enjoyable.

Here’s a closer look:

apple 23\" cinema display and 15\" powerbook

The bad news is, it’s not mine. Product development bought it for proofing products digitally … but they don’t have a computer to drive it yet. So I get it for a while.

I’ve told everyone at the office that they can have it back … when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.