Amazon hypes ambient computing: 300 million smart home devices now connected to Alexa

Photo by Brandon Romanchuk on Unsplash

I chatted with Amazon’s VP of Alexa and executives from Skullcandy and Native Voice yesterday. Amazons’s made some major announcements today as part of its Alexa Live conference.

From my post on Forbes:

Today as part of its Alexa Live event Amazon released multiple new technologies and software updates for its personal assistant platform Alexa. Most are related to smart home, but many are about driving Amazon’s AI-powered assistant platform everywhere.


In your ear, in your car, in your hotel, in your office, and, of course, in your home.

“Our goal is ambient computing,” Amazon VP for Alexa Aaron Rubenson told me yesterday. “Some are rooted in the phone or VR, but our goal is to keep [people] looking up, to be always available when you need it, but also to fade away when you don’t.”

Ambient computing is a big deal. Eventually, compute and intelligence should be immanent in our surroundings, not obvious and on a desk like a laptop, or in our hands like a phone, or on our face like a VR headset.

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