AI For Air Pollution: New York High School Student Builds Prediction Model With 92% Accuracy

In the beginning, all eleventh-grade Jericho High School student Richard Ren wanted to do was help his grandparents. Ultimately, he ended up building an AI framework using multiple machine learning techniques to predict future air pollution levels with 92% accuracy.

And speaking at a national innovation conference on the environment.

“Essentially I started because my grandparents and my other extended family they live near like these large cities in China, Beijing, Shanghai, where they have like huge levels of air pollution, right,” Ren told me on a recent TechFirst podcast. “And so I created a regression analysis for them to use essentially, you know, just being able to see air quality a few days in advance. That’s such a simple thing, but that’s also such an important thing just being able to plan ahead. Maybe I shouldn’t go on Wednesday because AQI is like 130, I don’t know, right?”

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