AI-first companies: Salesforce launches GPT for data insights, teases something much bigger

salesforce AI

I was fortunate to be able to visit Chicago and attend Salesforce Connections, where I chatted with top Salesforce execs. The upshot: Salesforce is building AI to assist in everything a company does. I wrote about it in my Forbes column, and fun fact: Salesforce founder Marc Benioff shared it on the companies #general Slack channel!

From my post at Forbes:

Salesforce announced this morning that it is bringing generative AI to Tableau, its data visualization platform. The goal: democratizing data accessibility to everyone. But it’s also working on something potentially even more revolutionary.

“Only 30% of people in organizations use data to make decisions,” Tableau Chief Product Officer Francois Ajenstat said this morning at a convention in Las Vegas. “Data is still too hard; it’s not accessible to everybody.”

New versions of Tableau will use generative AI to allow people who don’t typically get data to use natural language to ask questions and get insights, the company said.

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