Aerospace giant canceled 40,000 Oculus Quest order for this tech

A massive aerospace corporation cancelled an order for 40,000 Oculus Quest VR headsets when they saw the technology in this video.

In this very special TechFirst with John Koetsier, I’ve received permission from TechBeach Retreat to share the first global unveiling of a technology called AirGlass from Mobeus HQ which, the founder Richie Etwaru says, is finally the Z-axis of tech: the depth to the horizontal and vertical of our flat screens.

The most interesting part to me is that AR/VR/MR headsets are bulky and limiting. This potentially works right on every computer’s screen in the world: no additional hardware needed.

After Richie’s demo of Airless 2, we chat about the consequences and uses of technology you can engage with physically, as well as get into some of the details of how it’s made, including that it doesn’t really touch the operating system but operates between the camera and the GPU in pretty much any computer.

Watch: could this replace VR headsets?

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Transcript: to come!

I usually post a transcript of my TechFirsts … this one is coming at some point in the future.