Adtech consolidation continues: InMobi buys Appsumer

Mobile adtech companies just can’t stop buying each others. As Eric Seufert says, Apple’s App Tracking Transparency privacy moves have created a poverty of third-party data. So big mobile economy players need more first-party data to compensate.

How do they get it?

Buying other mobile companies to get bigger and get access to their data, increasing the amount of first-party data they have access to, and making themselves smarter.

Today, InMobi announced that it’s buying Appsumer. From my story on Forbes:

Earlier this year ad network and monetization platform Applovin bought marketing measurement firm Adjust in a billion-dollar deal. Now InMobi, another major ad network and mobile monetization platform, has purchased Appsumer, a marketing performance measurement company.



“In the absence of device identifiers like IDFA, marketing data becomes more complex and difficult to comprehend,” Navin Madhavan, VP and GM for our Growth Marketing Solutions for InMobi told me via email. “The loss of IDs also has created nuances around how channel and attribution tools report performances, creating inconsistency. Given the changes in the ecosystem, we believe it is important to have intelligent platforms that can bring together data into a single destination and thus make life easier for developers.”

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