AdExchanger senior editor Allison Schiff on TikTok, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, the goddess of growth, and the marketing that works on her


Super-pumped to drop a new episode of the Growth Masterminds podcast today … the marketing-focused podcast I do with Singular. And couldn’t be happier: we have Allison Schiff for this episode.

She’s a senior editor at AdExchanger, and has a great 30,000-foot view of marketing technology an adtech. Also … you’ve heard of walking softly and carrying a big stick? Allison Schiff talks softly and carries a massive stick … with a great sense of humor.

In this episode of Growth Masterminds, we take a peek behind the martech and adtech curtain with a reporter who’s covering all the biggest stories in the space.

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What we talk about:

  • You have a very broad view of the martech and adtech ecosystem, and what’s happening in it. It really feels like an era of major change right now with lots up in the air … the death of cookies, the threat to IDFA, increased legislation and demand for privacy … what are the major changes happening right now in your opinion?
  • I want to chat about the ROI Index Singular just released. I’ll mention the name of a platform … you tell me what comes to mind …
    • TikTok
    • Facebook & Google
    • Apple Search Ads
    • Amazon
    • Twitter, Snap
    • AdColony … Vungle … Liftoff … Applovin
    • Unity
  • Sometimes you get to see behind the curtain of some major marketing platforms or ad networks. Tell us something we don’t know …
  • We’ve seen plenty of startups worshipping the goddess of growth-at-all-costs in the super-funded startups of the last few years, perhaps thanks to a cash-as-a-strategy effort by Softbank and others pouring money into a leading contender in the space. That seems to be changing now .. how do you think that will impact advertising and marketing?
  • What kind of advertising do you personally like? What works on you?
  • How do you see the marketing world changing in the next few years? And how do you want it to change?

Show notes, highlights, and a full transcript will be available at Singular’s blog shortly.