A day in the life of a user acquisition manager

Sometimes I am incredibly stupid … something that the trolls on Twitter never tire of telling me.

But this was truly inspired.

With my client Singular, I wanted to portray what a day in the life of a user acquisition manager in the mobile growth space looks and feels like. And it wanted to do it in a humorous, fun way. (I mean, if you can’t have fun doing something, why do it?) So I created a Google doc, bravely opened all permissions wide to the world so anyone could edit it, and shared it on my Twitter account.

From the post on Singular’s blog:

4AM: still not sleeping
Wake up thinking I messed up some budget. Grab the phone to check. Sigh with relief. Go back to sleep.

5AM: why did I buy a cat?
Wake up again. Cat on face, demanding food. Roll over and try to go back to sleep.

6AM: geos, geos, geos
Wake up to a thought: “Did I really put the Spanish text in the German campaign … or was it just a bad dream?” Pretty sure it was just a dream.

7AM: ROI positive?
Sit up. Reach for the phone to check overnight performance. Swear quietly when I see that now 5 campaigns are not trending ROI-positive, and two others are on the edge. Consolation prize: one is killing it. I need coffee.

The result is lightly edited, and I of course have added a few to what everyone else wrote. And I love it.

Check out the full story here …