87% of mobile marketers are not ready for Apple’s SKAdNetwork and a post-IDFA future

The good news: almost 60% of marketers have a plan to implement Apple’s SKAdNetwork framework for app install measurement.

The bad news: most haven’t implemented or tested it.

According to a recent survey of 267 mobile publishers, game studios, and companies that deliver services via mobile apps, most are not yet ready for Apple’s massive IDFA changes. They’re not fully up to speed on SKAdNetwork, Apple’s framework for deterministically measuring ad-driven app installs in a privacy-safe way. And they have not tested measuring app installs from beginning to end with their ad networks to ensure they can track ad performance in a world without any guarantees for the availability of device identifiers.

Plus, only 34% have implemented SKAdNetwork install notifications as part of their apps.

And only 13.5% are fully ready for a future without the IDFA.

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