5 steps to a thriving side hustle

I did a video with NPR Houston a loooonnnnggg time ago and they finally posted it: 5 steps to a thriving side hustle. I think it turned out amazing and they did an incredible job with it.

Check it out:

It’s not quite a transcript, but here are my notes for the video, which might be helpful for those who read faster than videos play!

How do you develop a thriving side hustle?

Or a full-time self-employment gig? Here’s the 5 steps that I think it takes …

But be aware … there’s no magic
No instant rice …
This takes time, so don’t quit your day job.

  1. Find your magic circle …
    That convergence of what you’re good at, what people will pay for, and what you enjoy
  2. Start
    Don’t worry about maximizing income immediately … act, move, and learn
. The faster you learn, the closer you get to actualizing that magic circle.
  3. Develop an internet resume
    I’m talking Google/LinkedIn/Twitter/YouTube, etc. Grow your contacts … find a way to showcase your gold online.
  4. Level up

    As you get clients and inbound requests and your income increases, raise your prices. Generate more value from the value you’re creating.
  5. Find your sanity

    Finding a balance between work, fun, life, and learning
 is the hardest part. Sometimes you will be intentionally out of balance, but that’s not sustainable for long.

This is not instant. It’s not easy. It is rewarding. It is fun. Not everyone wants to do this, or wants to be where the buck stops. If you do, and if you’re skilled and talented, and if you put in the work and the time … it is possible.