300 Billion Ads Say We’re Not Marketing When We Should Be (For Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Too)

I just studied 300B ad impressions, 9B clicks, 400M app installs, and $1.1 billion in marketing spend by hundreds of marketers over an entire year.

The key thing I found?

Marketers need to be flexible and adaptable to rapidly changing conditions including cost and consumer interest, because they shift weekly and even daily in the holiday season. A cast-in-stone marketing plan made last quarter just won’t cut it.

And sticking to a plan instead of adapting to conditions is going to cost you money and market share.

My full report is available here (full disclosure: I analyze data patterns for Singular). But the biggest thing I learned is that click-through rate (CTR), a good indicator of consumer interest, is only very loosely related to marketing intensity: the degree to which marketers are pushing rope up a hill.

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