3 sources of SKAdNetwork fraud advertisers need to prep for

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What does fraud look like in iOS14, with SKAdNetwork? Is it even possible, given the fact that Apple is cryptographically signing app installs?

Smart mobile marketers are using the time between now and early 2021, when Apple will fully implement all of iOS 14’s privacy features, to test out SKAdNetwork. The goal: getting your IDFA-less marketing optimization capability as good as or better than your standard iOS 13-style attribution analytics.

But what about fraud?

Do you need to worry about fraud in iOS 14 when SKAdNetwork is fully operational?

The short answer is … absolutely. The longer answer is that there are at least three different ways fraudsters could fake conversions, mess up attributions, waste your money, and trash your data. We dive in to all three of them in this edition of Growth Masterminds, with Singular’s head of fraud prevention efforts, Yonatan Komornik.

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