3 eternal truths in mobile marketing despite measurement and privacy changes

Eternal is a big word. And mobile marketing is, at best, a couple decades old. So what on earth could be forever true in mobile marketing?

That one of the things I recently chatted about with Liz Emery from Tinuiti, the smartest person at an agency that I’ve met and remember.

From my post on Singular’s blog …

What will always be true about mobile marketing and marketing measurement, even in a time of massive change from iOS, Android, Facebook, and the entire mobile marketing ecosystem?

Find out in the latest Growth Masterminds video podcast, with Tinuiti’s Liz Emery, in a wide-ranging conversation about content fortresses, incrementality, attribution, and the future of marketing measurement. We also chat about SKAdNetwork, Facebook AMM deprecation, why there are so many mergers and acquisitions in mobile marketing, and more.

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