25 fat new features: What Apple’s all-new App Store means for app marketers

Apple is making huge changes to the mother of all apps, the app from which all other apps flow — at least on iOS — and probably its most popular app ever.

I’m talking about the App Store, of course.

And if you’re a successful app developer or publisher, that should freak the living daylights out of you.

You’ve attained a certain status. You have a certain familiarity with the environment from which your business flows. You’ve learned to navigate its rivers, often surprising you with hidden dangers and always spawning new sandbars on which the foolish founder. And you’ve earned some hard-won rank and stature, leading to some degree of organic business in the fastest-evolving marketplace ever yet built: the mobile app ecosystem.

Now it’s all going to change.

Get all the details in my massive 3,000-word blog post on TUNE’s blog …