2020 Mobile Economy Report: 3.7B app installs reveal opportunity in disruption


COVID-19 impacted history.

It also changed friction in commercial and business activities

And now, it requires action.

COVID-19 is not just a single event. It is a global disaster that keeps on happening, daily, weekly, and monthly. In fact, six months into 2020, there’s still no end in sight. And we have to keep being proactive about how we function in a world that’s still dealing with this pandemic its many consequences:

  • That impacts our mental health
  • It affects our economic well being
  • And it affects how billions of people engage with the world: buying, selling, communicating

Since for so many of us that primary method is mobile (and, yes, Singular’s all about mobile measurement), we’ve been analyzing a massive dataset of almost four billion app installs over the past six months. That data helps us trace the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, our economy, and shows how mobile marketers need to adapt to this enormous disruption and radical change.

Now we’re ready to share those insights. But not us only!