20 of the most important Mary Meeker slides for mobile marketers

A circle-the-date event in the technology world is analyst, venture capitalist, and technologist Mary Meeker’s annual state-of-tech Internet Trends Report. Some call it the most anticipated slide deck in Silicon Valley.

Meeker’s latest uber-deck on the state of all things digital weighs in at a staggering 333 slides.

You heard that right. 333 slides.

(And you though Bob-in-Finance’s deck was long.)

Like true partners in your success, we here at Singular have taken the hit and read each and every slide in that endless deck — including the fine print and sources at the bottom of the pages — so you don’t have to.

You’re welcome. (Just don’t test us. Please.)

We searched high and low for the slides that are the most relevant, most important, and most actionable for mobile marketers, and gathered them here for your TLDR; enjoyment and edification.

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