Wing drone delivery in 2024: ‘Capable of handling 10s of millions of deliveries for millions of consumers’

wing drone delivery

Drone delivery is getting closer and closer to something that pretty much everyone in developed nations can access and appreciate. Companies like Wing (a Google sister church), Amazon, and Manna Aero are leading that charge.

This story is on Wing:

Google sister company Wing is adding complex route management and self-loading capability for its drone delivery fleet that will make it capable of handling tens of millions of deliveries for millions of consumers by mid 2024, CEO Adam Woodworth says.

Wing is testing drone delivery at low to medium scale in 10 global locations, including Queensland, Australia and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It hit 100,000 total drone deliveries two years ago, kicked off mall-to-home drone delivery in early 2021, and unveiled an “aircraft library” in mid 2022 to be able to quickly build drones that are efficient for multiple different tasks.

Now the company is adding hands-free pickup and smarter drone management in preparation for scaling the service.

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