Tutorial on web search (!!!)

While I was doing some education/technology research today, I ran across a tutorial for Finding Information on the Internet.

9 major sections, 5-6 subsections, and a whole page of “things you need to know before starting.”

I find it incredibly how educators can be so incredibly … ummm … how can I say “stupid” nicely? They seem to think that learning something requires exhaustive dissection of the thing to be learned, categorization, and step-by-careful-linear-step progression through a series of stages.

How adult of them.

Here’s my tutorial on web search:

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type something and hit enter
  3. That’s it

Oh, there’s more to learn. And people learn more as they go. And there’s different places to find different kinds of information.

But the key is starting, and learning while you are doing. Why don’t teachers see that?